Sunday, March 18, 2012

Color/BW Combo

I got inspired recently by a photo I saw on a fashion blog that I follow - the photo originally appeared on the Sportmax:Code site.
Here's my image:
(Model: Savannah Maria, MUA: Kristina McGaughey)
Trevis asked me how I did it - it's pretty straightforward. Savannah was tossing the fabric of her skirt into the air and this uses two photos taken at different points of that motion - each is a separate layer in the same Photoshop document. I converted one of the layers to black and white, enlarged it, and lowered the opacity to about 40%. Both layers have the background masked out. I created a third layer behind these two and filled it with a radial gradient - white to a light gray. That's it. I think it turned out pretty cool!

Here's the picture I that gave me the idea:


  1. It definitely turned out cool.

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