Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lightroom 4 Chromatic Aberration

Ok, so the new Chromatic Aberration tool in Lightroom 4 is totally hands off.  Just check the check box and it figures it out.  Sigh.  My immediate reaction is, FAIL.

I just imported some high key shots and it's not getting it done.  Before I went off on a righteous tirade i brought the file in question into Photoshop CS5 and brought up the lens correction tool there to see what it could do and... well, i couldn't fix it there either.  For this particular image i think that i'm going to have to do something custom if i really want to fix the CA issues.

Still not loving the idea of loosing controls but of late I have rarely encountered much CA.  I guess i'll just check the damned check box for now.

1 comment:

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